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Benjamin (Ben) Murphy is an artist, animal lover and gamer.  He loves to paint, draw and sculpt and enjoys experimenting with new materials and techniques. 

Ben is mostly self-taught but is expanding his creative abilities and enthusiasm through working with and alongside the diverse community of artists of Public Annex* in Portland Oregon.


In 2019, Ben participated in an artist in residence program through Field of View.  He worked on his residency under the epic guidance of artist Rachel Mulder, where they met and collaborated at various locations including the Independent Publishing Resource Center and The Portland Audubon Society


October 2019:                  Group Show at Nightingale Acupuncture                                              Portland OR

December 2020:              Group Show  at Field of View 2019                                                          Virtual/PDX

June 2021:                         Solo Exhibit at Blackfish Gallery, Fishbowl 2                                        Portland OR



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